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Topic: Movers 'R Us
started by: mickeyfmann

Posted by mickeyfmann on Fri Jan. 30 2009,1:30
As some of you may know, some time last year I stumbled upon a little better of a deal for web hosting. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth for only $6 a month. I purchased an account and have been developing the new site there ever since, I was hoping that by the time it came to renew our old hosting services, I would have the site completed and we could switch engines entirely. Unfortunately this is not the case, I've been working hard on the next version of the site but just don't have enough of it done to want to take it live yet. My I've been working on it about three nights a week so we should be seeing something soon (yeah i know i've said that before but the pro-bono stuff is always at the bottom of the list).

Currently our hosting package is set to expire this Saturday at midnight, my plan is to take the village offline sometime either late tonight or early tomorrow and begin the migration process. Any of you who were around for the last migration know that this could take a while, the code and application move itself is rather simple, the big problem is the DNS changes which take a while to propagate the world over. This means that the site will likely be open to the public again sometime Sunday, at the latest Monday depending on your location. After the migration is complete I will continue to work on the new site, hopefully we'll have something to test in the near future.

Posted by Twist on Fri Jan. 30 2009,7:00
Ah migration, the second coming is upon us already.

(In the voice of an old west prospector;)

I was around for that there original migration, see us some tough times, Indians kept attacking our covered wagons and the bison kept us fed and warm, not like todays migration with the t'internet and broadband....

And now for something completely different!

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