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Topic: Its Alive
started by: mickeyfmann

Posted by mickeyfmann on Tue Feb. 03 2009,2:21
My apologies for the site being down a little longer than anticipated, let me tell you that ikonboard is no joy to move to new locations! But after beating my head against the wall for a little while, I managed to get her working again.

So here we are in our new home, old site but hopefully not for long.

Please post any issues you notice with the boards here, just want to keep track of any other move-related issues.

Finally with the migration, i had to recreate email addresses. If you had an email address with us before you can still use the email link found on the main site's left navigation to access your old email inbox. No telling how much longer this will be available but you can use as long as it is there to collect any emails you may have had in the old system. I've recreated the accounts on the new host but didn't remember what everyone's passwords were so if you want access to your email let me know and i'll give you the new password.


Posted by Faerun on Tue Feb. 03 2009,2:29


Posted by Schneider-X on Wed Feb. 04 2009,1:57
repost of witty post while logged on with Opera

*swats fae*

How dare you use such slander in here?  Never expected you to bring yourself down to that level tsk tsk

Glad to hear things are up and running

P.S. up and running for some >.>

Posted by Twist on Thur Feb. 05 2009,8:03
To be honest dude, I didn't notice it was down, was too busy watching the Super Bowl weekend and then celebrating the Steelers victory =)

But glad to see the old girl is back up and going again

Posted by mickeyfmann on Thur Feb. 05 2009,12:01
Yes well that may have played a small part in why it took a little longer than expected as well
Posted by Faerun on Thur Feb. 05 2009,12:57
bad mick
Posted by mickeyfmann on Thur Feb. 05 2009,2:02
hey we were hosting a super bowl party and i was making ribs there's only so much the chief can do
Posted by Faerun on Thur Feb. 05 2009,5:39
superbowl, meh

but ribs? very well. ribs are always worth it ^^

Posted by Schneider-X on Fri Feb. 06 2009,12:48
ribs always greater than our village Fae?
Posted by mickeyfmann on Fri Feb. 06 2009,11:18
Homemade smoked ribs.......that would be a difficult one
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