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Topic: New Directions
started by: mickeyfmann

Posted by mickeyfmann on Thur June 17 2010,12:54
For some time now I have been talking about a new version to this site, work has progressed well but the simple fact is that I'm far to busy to write manage and maintain my own application for this site. So I'm officially throwing in the towel on creating my own CMS system integrated with phpBB.

Some time ago I stumbled into a CMS tool called Concrete 5, and instantly fell in love with its simple but powerful design and capabilities. After convincing a few companies to adopt it as their official CMS of choice, and doing a bit of development in it myself, I decided that I want to join their community development team and work to improve the few faults it does have.

Starting next month, I will be setting up an installation of Concrete 5 on the domain and will begin work on installing it with all the features I think we need. In addition to the adoption of Concrete we will be migrating to phpBB3 as it is easier for me to intertwine the authentication process of phpBB3 with Concrete so that one login works for all. This unfortunately puts the RPG out of the picture for the time being but i think we can agree that we need a site first.

Once the installation and setup are complete, I will begin the process of building content, any suggestions or volunteers will be welcome at this point. I want this site up by the end of the summer and I'm not going to let anything stop me this time. This decision should make that process easier to accomplish

Posted by Chelsalicious on Fri June 18 2010,2:02
Woot! Can't wait to see the changes Mick, any help I can give just let me know.
Posted by Schneider-X on Tue June 22 2010,2:46
Good to know the village chief is still working on things.  Can't wait for what you've got in store. :D
Posted by Faerun on Sun June 27 2010,3:44
Posted by Schneider-X on Sun June 27 2010,11:38
Quote (Faerun @ Sun June 27 2010,2:44)

Way to misspell volunteer  :p
Posted by mickeyfmann on Mon June 28 2010,3:44
Posted by Faerun on Fri July 02 2010,12:14
your just kellyishist!
Posted by baka on Fri July 09 2010,1:11
kellehish (n): a language not unlike english, although horribly misspelled. grammar and punctuation are optional.

kellehishist (n): one who take pleasure in pointing out that kellehish is not english, or just doesn't know that correcting kelleh is, for all intents and purposes, bad for one's health.


hiya, kids. guess who came back to play?

Posted by mickeyfmann on Fri July 09 2010,4:39

Posted by baka on Fri July 09 2010,5:43
awwww... you missed me?! =p
well, i'm off to the basement. time to run amok!


Posted by MetalX-2 on Wed July 14 2010,1:40
Well im here too.. i havent forgot about you people and im here for anything if you need me!!

I am getting married in in october so i will see how my new life will be lol

Posted by Zixaphir on Thur July 15 2010,12:31
Sup Gs. :3

Long time. :3

Opened my messages...

Had 4 happy birthdays. :3

Posted by lionheartghost on Thur July 15 2010,8:18
Good stuff Mick, we all appreciate the hard work. :)


Posted by mickeyfmann on Fri July 16 2010,1:53
Its an infestation, we need some Raid
Posted by mickeyfmann on Fri July 16 2010,1:53
Or that smacktard logo
Posted by baka on Fri July 16 2010,7:31
*shifty eyeballs*




Posted by Swift on Sat Aug. 28 2010,9:05
Chelsey told me to come back so I did. Didn't expect to see any active threads though o.O
Posted by Chelsalicious on Sun Aug. 29 2010,1:44
Cause I rock :D
Posted by Faerun on Sun Aug. 29 2010,2:40
*nods sagely* this is truth. the Chels does rock.
Posted by Chelsalicious on Sun Aug. 29 2010,10:23
Fae you're here! How ya been?
Posted by mickeyfmann on Mon Aug. 30 2010,11:49
Swift, man its been ages! Good to hear from ya man.
Posted by Faerun on Mon Aug. 30 2010,1:59
Quote (Chelsalicious @ Sun Aug. 29 2010,10:23)
Fae you're here! How ya been?

i have been well ^^. and yoruself?
Posted by Chelsalicious on Tue Aug. 31 2010,2:20
Not too bad not too bad, enjoying a nice summer here. How was summer in Canada this year?
Posted by Faerun on Tue Aug. 31 2010,11:09
hot! D: i cant wait for winter! sweet, precious cold
Posted by mickeyfmann on Wed Sep. 01 2010,11:52
Quote (Faerun @ Tue Aug. 31 2010,11:09)
hot! D: i cant wait for winter! sweet, precious cold

This is precisely why I think all of you maple leaves are crazy!
Posted by Faerun on Wed Sep. 01 2010,8:24
'maple leaves'?! you racist :p

mankind is the only major player of the iceage to survive to modern times. this happened for a reason ^^. thus, we are winter creatures. your love of heat is simply unnatural! :p

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