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Topic: I was bored....
started by: Tanks

Posted by Tanks on Thur Feb. 02 2012,5:29
So I decided to post and see who/what bites....
Posted by Twist on Thur Feb. 02 2012,7:02
Posted by Smurfette on Sun Feb. 05 2012,4:09
I don't really bite anymore..
Posted by Tanks on Wed Feb. 08 2012,2:36
Only 2 bites.. wow... /le sigh

come on.. where the heck did everyone go?

Posted by Twist on Thur Feb. 09 2012,11:05
It would seem the Village Idiots group I created on FaceBook has claimed priority over the old stomping grounds :(
Posted by mickeyfmann on Fri Feb. 24 2012,1:55
if you wish to lure me you should involve beer!
Posted by mickeyfmann on Fri Feb. 24 2012,2:29
Work in progress
< >

Posted by Goku on Thur April 19 2012,8:43
I am on alot more often then most think, been a while since I seen a post tho :-P
Posted by Weaseal on Sat June 09 2012,12:53
*adds to the collective bites*
Posted by Goku on Mon June 11 2012,7:46
*slaps Weaseal*

Didn't your mother tell you it's rude to bite!?

Posted by mickeyfmann on Tue June 12 2012,1:12
no more bites, reminds me of the Florida incident.
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