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Topic: Never Forget Where You Came From!
started by: Twist

Posted by Twist on Mon June 11 2012,6:28
Well it has been quite some time since I broke out the old speech writing software and penned something for the Internet Village and its members. Well after a break of a few years, okay more than three years, okay, okay a long time I’ve decided to once again pen something for the site. Normally I used to produce an end of year wrap up speech but I have decided to stick it in mid-year this time to shake things up a bit and wake up the Idiots who have become scattered far and wide across the virtual world of the internet.

It has almost been a decade since I joined the Internet Village as one of the many refugees from the old PSO Quest forums, the original site where most of us made our friendships and continued to build upon them through the transference to the Internet Village. The Internet Village, originally not planned as a replacement for Quest quickly became a life raft for those of us who felt removed, stranded or lost with/without Quest. The fan fiction section brought many of us together as did the PSO Quest video game and our mutual love for all things gaming, anime, music etc. We found ourselves part of a group of people who were separated by states, countries and oceans brought together through the power of community and the internet.

Every community never runs perfectly and while we had our share of “blow ups” between members, with random joiners, with old Questers and with 4Chan members, yes Juno I still remember that! But while we had our issues we remained friends, with the death of the Dreamcast and the end of Phantasy Star Online we leaned heavily on the forums and this brought about a strengthening of our bonds of friendship. The virtual meet ups continued through to the GameCube versions of PSO and kept us in the loop where the forums couldn’t, quests and adventures throughout Ragol took up many a weekend with the Village Idiots. While the death of GameCube did bring issues for our virtual meets, the advent of Halo 2 allowed some members to continue the virtual side of the friendship, along with Xbox Live and World of Warcraft members could keep virtual meet ups going.

Like I said every community has its highs and lows and while our community had a lot of highs we did experience a major low, we lost a member of our community, almost six years ago we lost Philip “Syrus Dante” Williams during a tour of duty in Iraq. He was a very active member of our community and someone who spent a lot of time in the fan fiction section. He is our fallen hero and we should never forget one of our own.

While we have witnessed the rise of social media with the advent of FaceBook, Twitter etc. the Internet Village is a beacon of old school community, a sign that not everything has to be “liked” and “retweeted” and it should be something we all return to and make our home once again the thriving hub of activity and fun and games that it was nearly a decade ago. And since then we have had international meet ups on both sides of the pond, our own (ill fated) podcast and now we’ve migrated to our own FaceBook private group. While I did create said group I did not wise to hurt the forums and believe we all need to keep the “lamps” burning on the Internet Village like we did in the old days. We are the old guard, we are the PSO Questers, we are Idiots and we are proud of our virtual home and our leader the fearless home brewing Yeti, Francis M. Freeman III, he put up with us all, invited us all to his “home” (why I’ll never know) and has allowed us free range of the Village.

Cheers to all our members past and present and here is to the Villages eighth birthday, this October, and hopefully many more meets, may more drunk stories and many more friends!

Posted by Juno on Mon June 11 2012,7:06
Fantastic post, Twist ^^

I dunno whether to feel honored that I got a shout out or not, lol. I was definitely younger and much less mature back then. At the time all I was thinking of was trying to get some sort of buzz around the forums, even if it came at my own expense. Looking back on it, I quite blatantly made some poor decisions as to how to go about getting some more traffic to our beloved community. I can obviously see how stupid I was back then now, lol... 20/20 hindsight for sure.

And while things certainly do change (i'm sure there are many of you who can't believe that Juno of all people actually uses logic and reason now!), many things don't. I grew up with PSOQuest and IV. And even though none of us may be nearly as active here as we used to it's still nice to come back here from time to time and relive what is essentially my childhood. I was a mere 13 or 14 years old when I came to this site. I'm 21 now, and honestly when I come back here I never feel it. I'll always be that 14 year old kid, no matter how mature I get. The kid that loved Zelda (both the games and our very own forum member! :laugh: ) and PSO.

I'll always be Juno, no matter how many other aliases may come and go for me. That kid that lived and breathed as part of this community.

Posted by mickeyfmann on Tue June 12 2012,10:49
October? Actually the Village is already 8 years old, March was our launch month. Way to go Twist, your entire awesome speech is now null and void because you messed up the dates! :p

Even as I read that I had to run through it in my mind, has it really been 8 years since I created this place? Have I really put up with this insanity that long? Perhaps this is the reason for the streaks of gray in my sideburns?

I was 22 years old when I first decided to put what little I had learned in college at that point to work for me by creating a real website. I remember personally inviting most of the original class of villagers to this site. And when PSO Quest shuttered its doors, I remember how happy I was that most of you had come. Can you imagine what our lives would be like had this place not become our meeting grounds? Twist would not know the joy and utter pain of Jager Bombs. Alan wouldn't know what its like to man cuddle with a teddy bear. Denny wouldn't know what the power would feel like between his legs. Saya wouldn't have gotten a replica sword years back for his birthday or whatever. Chris would not be able to repeatedly tell the story of Micks Dik Dik, not to mention Western New York's penchant for the tube top. William (Ann and Alan's son) may not have ever known Godzilla! Lei and I wouldn't know the joy of schooling a bunch of kiddos in laser tag. And me, well lets see I wouldn't have nearly spent the night in an Irish jail, or traveled nearly as far and wide as I have if I didn't know all of you. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be the same person I am today if not for this place.

To those of you I've met, I will cherish our memories forever. For those I haven't met, we need to get on this.

Posted by mickeyfmann on Tue June 12 2012,10:50
And Juno, in light of your comments I'll take it under advisement to restore your right to post images on my site :p
Posted by Juno on Tue June 12 2012,1:43
xD I honestly didn't even know I couldn't.

And it would figure that Twist wouldn't be able to make a good speech without messing SOMETHING up! :laugh:

Seriously though, great speeches from both of you. I don't think many of us would be close to the same people we are today were it not for a lot of the shenanigans that went on throughout the years due to this community. <3

Posted by lionheartghost on Thur June 14 2012,7:39
Really refreshing read Twist and Mick. :)

And I like the way Juno put it and I agree, even though time has passed, coming back here and reading old posts and what not puts me back into the age I was when IV was kickin and boomin in the good old days.

Here's to IV, its members both past and present, and the good old times! NOSTALGIA.

Posted by Silicon Knight on Sat June 16 2012,5:09
Wow guys. Major nostalgia here. I too grew up on psoquest, and having been homeschooled at the time you guys were the first real socialization I ever had. I truly miss the days when things were hopping(though I don't see myself logging in for 85% of the day anymore haha). I also remember alot of nonsense on the IV chatboard. Good stuff guys! I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for this place, though I've been quite wayward in recent years. Cheers!
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