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mickeyfmann Offline
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Posted: Tue Oct. 27 2009,3:42 QUOTE

As I'm putting the finishing touches on the new CMS, I'm wondering does a category/sub category system give us enough functionality?

Basically the system I've built would only support two levels, Main level categories and sub categories, the idea behind this would be as follows

 Xbox 360
 Playstation 3
 Playstation 2

An additional classification would be used for articles, specifying the type of article, this would be on a per-category basis but as an example in the gaming system you would have classification choices of News, Cheats, Review, Tutorial, or Walk Through.

It would be important to note that there would be no restrictions to the classification available to a category, this is because the classification is setup as a separate foriegn key/table relation to the article and has no hierarchy like the category system.

In addition to this question do you think that a one to one, ie an article could have one and only one classification is a good way to go or should I make it a many to one, in that an article could have many classifications?

The category system does provide a many to many relationship for articles though, meaning that an article could belong to more than one category.


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Twist Offline
Spartan T13

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Posted: Mon Nov. 02 2009,12:21 QUOTE

The more complex you make it the more things can go wrong or not work properly. But then again it could work out fine.

You could separate articles by adding a tag system?
If the article contains spoilers it be tagged that way, same if it contained cheats or hints for sections of the game.

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Link Offline
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Posted: Mon Nov. 02 2009,4:18 QUOTE

I say go with adding multiple tags to an article.


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Faerun Offline
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Posted: Mon Nov. 02 2009,5:10 QUOTE

many-to-one i think. articles might belong in several catigories,

take for example, a article about multiplatform game. would you rather submit it three times for Wii/360/PS3? or sub once with all three tags?

many to one is more efficient in this case imo.


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