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Topic: Internet Village Award Results, And the winner is........< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
Twist Offline
Spartan T13

Group: Admin
Posts: 4038
Joined: Mar. 2004
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,1:24 QUOTE

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Internet Village Awards, hosted by your sober Irishman, Twist.

Firstly I'd like to thank all the staff for there idea's for the awards, it wouldnt be this big or successful if you guys didnt pitch in.

Okay so on to the result themselves, I know you all can't wait to see the winners, so here we go.

Admin of the Year
Winner: Mickeyfmann(45.45%)
Runner Up: Swift(15.15%)

Mod of the Year
Winner: Link&Fearun(31.43%) Tie
Runner Up: Jesus(25.71%)

Member of the Year
Winner: Chelsey(16.67%)
Runner Up: Swift(13.89%)

Most Missed
Winner: Twist(27.03%)
Runner Up: 4 GAAB(24.32%)

Village Drunk of the Year
Winner: Mickeyfmann(39.02%)
Runner Up: Twist(31.71%)

Couple of the Year
Winner: Juno&Koormie(45.71%)
Runner Up: Smurfette&Saya(34.29%)

Village Idiot of the Year
Winner: Juno(73.53%)
Runner Up: Hannibal(23.53%)

Most Informed Member
Winner: Mickeyfmann(40.00%)
Runner Up: Swift(25.71%)

Friendliest Member of the Year
Winner: Li(36.11%)
Runner Up: Chelsey(30.56%)

Blow Up of the Year
Winner: Redwolf vs Uru(30.00%)
Runner Up: Tekana vs Twist(23.33%)

Artist of the Year
Winner: Abaraxs(40.00%)
Runner Up: Koormie(33.33%)

Joker of the Year
Winner: Mickeyfmann(51.52%)
Runner Up: Bhaji(48.48%)

Best Site Feature
Winner: RPG BattleGrounds(55.17%)
Runner Up: New Banner(24.14)

WebComic of the Year
Winner: Megatokyo&CtrlAltDel(31.03%)
Runner Up: VGCats(24.14%)

Winner: Mickeyfmann(40.00%)
Runner Up: Dark Strife&Koormie(13.33%)

Best Event Thread
Winner: Revoultion Controller(36.36%)
Runner Up: 4000 Posts Mick(30.30%)

Best Fan-Fiction
Winner: Schnieder X(56.52%)
Runner Up: Swift(30.43%)

Best Newcomer
Winner: Chelsey(59.38%)
Runner Up: Weaseal(21.88%)

Walking Welcome Wagons
Winner: Chelsey(35.48%)
Runner Up: Mickeyfmann&Li(19.35%)

Most Welcome Return
Winner: Armedestheracast(62.50%)
Runner Up: Vanilla&Shadow(18.75%)

Otaku of the Year
Winner: Fearun(44.00%)
Runner Up: Swift(36.00%)

Internet Village Hall of Fame
Winner: Zaffre

And there you have it folks, another year gone and another group of Awards handed out. Same time next year where I hope there will be even more awards to give out and hopefully we can out do this years selection.

Thanks to all the Staff, Mickey, Swift, Smurfette, Sui, Ariel, Link, Fearun, Jesus, Edge for all there work this year and there help in the awards section. And most important of all thank you, The Members for making this so successful and for making our job around here so much easier.

Thats all for now but look out for my "End of Year" wrap up on Friday.
Till then enjoy the Christmas Party in the Chatroom and the Treasure Hunt by Jesus and have fun over the Christmas.

-The Internet Village Staff.

Edited by Twist on Tue Dec. 20 2005,1:25

There's a fine line between not listening and not caring. I like to think I walk that line everyday.
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SgtBhaji Offline
Baaaa Geoooo

Group: Mystic
Posts: 1330
Joined: Jan. 2005
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,1:45 QUOTE

Village Drunk was a fix... I want a re-count :p

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Schneider-X Offline
need a new title....

Group: Supreme Being
Posts: 2211
Joined: June 2004
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,1:45 QUOTE

Looks like I'm king of fan-fiction for a second year :P  Though Swift is catching up in that department.  Well thanks for the votes everybody, and congrats to all the winners!

Oh yea Twist....... *dark cloud forms overhead :angry: *

How could you misspell my name!!!  You forgot the ' - ' in Schneider-X!! :rant

W/e, thanks for the votes. :cheers

Edited by Schneider-X on Tue Dec. 20 2005,10:07


Due to notion of under appreciation, Fae's Ergo Proxy sig is back :D
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Swift Offline
Game Writer

Group: Admin
Posts: 4560
Joined: June 2004
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,2:18 QUOTE

Runner Up: Dark Strife&Koormie(13.33%)

Was this a typo or was it a runner up draw?

And I can't believe I won nothing, I was nominated in so many categories  :angry:

Well, never mind, it's the giving not the receiving that's the most important.

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reaper Offline

Group: Supreme Being
Posts: 1501
Joined: June 2004
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,3:23 QUOTE

congratulations to everyone that won and unlucky to those that lost and better luck next year, including me :)


another kickarse set by Zelda
fear the Dino =P
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mickeyfmann Offline
The Great Computer God!!!!

Group: Super Administrators
Posts: 13863
Joined: Mar. 2004
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,3:31 QUOTE

Quote (Blow-up Bhaji @ Dec. 20 2005,11:45)
Village Drunk was a fix... I want a re-count :p

lol what happened you were beating him?

Congrats to everyone, and Twist where's the heartfelt speech?


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Zelda Offline

Group: Supreme Being
Posts: 2149
Joined: April 2004
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,4:08 QUOTE

Congratulations ^_^

Yay! Juno is Idiot of the year! Im happy now n_n

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Chelsalicious Offline
Sweet like a kiss, sharp like a razor blade.

Group: Admin
Posts: 3040
Joined: Aug. 2005
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,4:37 QUOTE

Congrats to everyone and thanks for the votes :)


"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

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Abraxas Offline
Something Witty

Group: Emissary
Posts: 541
Joined: Mar. 2004
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,4:50 QUOTE

Congrats guys, and thanks for the Award


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Koorime Offline
I don't sleep to dream. I sleep to build stamina.

Group: Supreme Being
Posts: 1730
Joined: July 2005
Posted: Tue Dec. 20 2005,6:08 QUOTE

Congrats Abraxas for Artist of the Year, and everyone else who won and was a runner-up :D

Yay we and Juno won^_^ Hehe, I was a runner-up too


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